Are there leaders in Bulgaria today or the responsibility to society as a law of print media

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For a long time now, I’ve written only E-mails, rarely something else. So my blog would be in that format. Not a long time ago, something ordinary for a PR agency happened – the usual crisis situation! Some kind of a brochure that calls itself a newspaper tried to clumsily derogate the reputation of a big, as a value Bulgarian brand, for which we work for.
“The arguments” in the article were groundless, badly put together and conspicuous in terms of individual and business interests of the competition. We met with the in chief editor and in a Bon ton manner, we called upon him to write the truth and to check his sources of information….. It is just the same like sitting on a table with a surgeon and having to persuade him not to cut off someone’s kidneys and heart before making a diagnosis. It’s absurd but it’s a fact. Unfortunately, the so called news paper continued to publish its dirty materials. Then the people who have built-up this brand for years asked us – “Isn’t there a Law of print media?”
Alas, there isn’t, we answered!!! It is crystal clear to everyone that they bare the responsibility for the words they say, write or quote.
I doubt that Botev, Karavelov or Rakovski have even thought about writing a small dirty article in order to smear someone and so easily sell-out their ideals. It was a time of great men, men with high moral and significant goals. They were agitated on how to awaken and keep our nation with the “strongest” human weapon – The word. Back then and nowadays there’s only one law of print media and the opinion makers of society – this law is called Responsibility to Society. The opinion leaders bare this responsibility by default. The question arising then is: Are there Leaders in Bulgaria today?

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