MARKETOR is a premium corporate communications and marketing consultancy company, established in Sofia in 2004. Key members of the MARKETOR team have extensive experience in working on marketing consulting, marketing communication and PR projects in many different sizes and format, both home and abroad.

Code of ethics: Membership

The mission of Marketor is to strategically focus and advance the corporate communications and PR activities of our clients with the main goal to build value, create awareness and establish high corporate image. By being a Communicator Marketor encourages frequent communication and messages that are honest, accurate and appropriate to the needs of the organization and its audiences.

Marketor is promoting among its clients and the business community, the concept of CSR. CSR programs are organized and implemented on a long term basis as an integral part of the companies’ business strategies.


Marketor’s team respects and applies in its daily work the universal values of the PR profession such as:



The services provided by Marketor are according to the highest standards of the profession. Our consultants possess specific knowledge and experience that is constantly developing.


Quality of work, in an efficient and timely fashion is a basic term in the PR practice of Marketor. We respect and support the truth and correctness in our relations with media, institutions, the public and society.


We believe in independent, transparent and professional consulting as a guiding principle in our business. We bear the responsibility and consequences of our actions.

Loyalty and commitment

We are loyal to our clients on a long-term basis. We strongly believe in their business and success. Our clients are our first priority and we quickly become and integral part of their organization.


Marketor is a member of the association “Partnership for corporate social responsibility”,Global Compact Network Bulgaria and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.